Hello FPF members, I’m Cheryl Sykes and I was elected as the President of Flight Path Forum on 22nd September.


I’m very proud to be working with the dedicated FPF team and can assure you that we’ll be fighting hard to make the voice of our community heard.


On a National level, the Australian community must feel they can confidently rely upon and trust in the integrity of the EIS assessment process; that due diligence has been undertaken by all parties; that due process has been followed, and that all legislative requirements have been met. FPF can show that in this case these expectations have not been met.


Along with FPF team, I will continue to fight for the community’s right to:

  • a full and comprehensive re-evaluation of alternative flight paths
  • a transparent process in which all parties are accountable
  • genuine, participative consultation with affected communities

Thank you to all those members who have helped with submissions and petitions and getting the word out there to date.


I look forward to your continued support for the FPF cause!