Thanks Maria!

As you all know, Maria Suarez has held the position of President since the inception of FPF and has done an amazing job for the community.


Maria decided to step down from this role on 8th September and has asked us to send the following message to you:




Dear Flight Path Forum members and friends,


As the initiatives to enact a review of the flight paths now moves to a State and Federal focused strategy, I have resigned my position as President of Flight Path Forum (FPF) to allow those in the committee with prior experience to lead the way.


I’d like to acknowledge the amount of work the committee have put into this fight and the wonderful support from FPF members and friends.  The committee have worked incredibly well together to produce the many outcomes FPF have achieved to date.  Not one of the committee members could have achieved this without drawing on each other’s strengths.


To the many members, your attendance at meetings, writing of submissions, signing petitions, supplying information and letterbox dropping has been invaluable.  The committee are ever grateful for your continued efforts and messages of support.  It energises the committee through the long hours and seemingly never-ending days.  My sincere gratitude and thanks to you all.


While it is now time for me to step aside and focus on broader issues, I continue to support the associations ongoing efforts.


Kind regards


Maria Suarez

FPF Member




I’m sure you’ll join with me in thanking Maria for all her hard work for our FPF community, and wish her well in the next stage of her journey.  I’m sure it will be exciting!