It’s been a big week and we’ve been able to get some great media coverage for our fight.

I know a few people have been thinking that the fight is all over now that CASA have designated the airspace, that’s simply not the case!  We have much more to fill you in on so please, come along to Coolum Civic Centre this Sunday morning at 10am to get the facts and have your questions answered.

We sent out a media release last week to our email database which outlines what’s been happening, and a link to the Channel 7 story which ran last night in case you missed it. Vivien Griffin did an interview with ABC Local radio earlier this week and TV interviews with Channel 7 and Win News – check out the FB page – you don’t need have to have a facebook account to follow and view the page –

I assure you that this issue is still alive and kicking, and the fact the finger pointing is getting more intense shows us just that – our investigations into the facts of the matter are obviously having an effect.

We’re going to keep up the pressure on all the parties who have been involved in getting us to this outrageous outcome.

Please come and show your public support for the fight – we can’t do it without you!

Sign up to our email database at any time –

We’ll look forward to seeing you there.

kind regards

Cheryl and the Flight Path Forum Team