Thanks to all those who have sent messages of support.

We are actively seeking some hands-on support too, so if you have any of the following skills to offer, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Secretarial/compliance experience (so that the diligent Charlotte can concentrate on her amazing research work and leave the secretarial work to someone who loves that stuff)
  • Social media management and engagement (if you love Facebook, then help us get our message out there because there’s lots to say!)
  • Community liaison (keeping our affiliated community groups in the loop, so if getting people together is your thing, then this could be one for you)

Or, if you have another special talent that’s currently languishing unused and you have some time to give, please email back and let me know what you can contribute to the fight.

We must continue the fight and we need your help to keep up the pressure on all parties concerned in this woefully executed process.

Neither the local community or the traveling public should have to put up with this embedded safety risk.


After all, you wouldn’t purposely put a road through a rifle range.

Fight on!

Cheryl Sykes