Co-ordinator General’s Review

Last month, FPF met with the Queensland Coordinator General (QCG), Toni Power, to advise her office of the non-disclosure of information regarding aviation safety risk in the EIS.

QCG was provided with a 25 page submission, which included references to 32 source documents, along with all supporting documentation for review.

QCG agreed to meet with us again once the review had been completed.

FPF will be asking QCG to explain how the non-disclosure of this material does not constitute a breach of Section 157O of the SDPWO Act, which says:

‘A person must not, in relation to the performance of the Coordinator-General’s functions, give the Coordinator-General a document containing information the person knows is false or misleading in a material particular’.

The penalties for an offence under the Act are significant.

Misinformation?  Might be time to look in the mirror Sunshine Coast Council.