Communities and associations represented by Flight Path Forum believe that community consultation regarding the proposed flight path changes associated with runway 13/31 of the Sunshine Coast Airport failed to adequately educate and inform stakeholders about the relevant technical aspects of the flight paths and their likely impacts.

Feedback from stakeholders who reside and operate businesses underneath and in close proximity to the proposed flight paths indicate that:

1)     There was a lack of notification regarding the engagement activities

a.     Residents either received no notification or were notified on or after the 2nd of April 2019 via a flyer delivered in an unaddressed envelope.

b.     This date allowed one day’s notice to attend one of the remaining five of nine sessions over the following 11 days with 17 days remaining to make a submission.  A total consultation period of 28 days instead of the intended 42 days (six weeks).

c.     This date was three working days prior to school holidays when many stakeholders were not in the area. The remaining period included 3 public holidays when Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) and Airservices Australia (ASA) could not be reached for further information.

2)     Information was conflicting and confusing

a.     Information presented online, on display boards, in fact sheets and verbally was often conflicting.

b.     Representatives from SCC and ASA could not answer all questions as they were either not the subject matter expert or unsure of who was responsible for the information or decision.

c.     Additional information was provided over time in the form of display boards and fact sheets, which resulted in stakeholders attending the earlier sessions not receiving the same quantity of information as attendees who attended the later sessions.

We propose the formation of a Stakeholder Engagement Panel to include representatives from the aforementioned organisations, community groups and residents’ associations, and businesses accessing existing facilities who will be affected by flight path proposals, airspace design and operation of the new runway.

  • Airservices Australia

  • Aircraft Noise Ombudsman

  • Sunshine Coast Council

  • Sunshine Coast Airport Management

  • Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project Management

  • Noosa Council

  • Federal Members for Wide Bay & Fairfax

  • State Members for Noosa & Ninderry

  • Coordinator General

  • SCA Aviation operators

  • Flight Path Forum members

  • An agreed independent chairperson to be determined by all stakeholders

The objectives of the new Stakeholder engagement Panel will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Establishing alternative agreed flight paths

  2. Utilise an independent chairperson to ensure community consultation is based on transparency and full disclosure, is effective, relevant and representative of stakeholders’ values and concerns.

  3. Ensure environmental, social and noise impact studies are undertaken on areas that will be affected by agreed flight paths.

The benefits of a forming a Stakeholder Engagement Panel is that it will mitigate conflict, reduce regulatory time frames, display a positive public image, improve community relations, establish credibility and improve public reputations.

Flight Path Forum Inc. has formed to represent communities across both Noosa and Sunshine Coast council areas, who are affected by proposed flights paths for runway 13/31 of the Sunshine Coast Airport.  Community Groups working collaboratively with Flight Path Forum include:
  • Friends of Lake Weyba
  • Peregian Family and Friends Association
  • Peregian Beach Community Association
  • Peregian West Community Association
  • Castaways Beach Residents Association
  • Yandina Creek Progress Association
  • Friends of Marcus Beach Association
  • Mudjimba Residents Association
  • Coolum Residents Association
  • Teewah Landowners Association
  • Other Resident Groups under the flight path
  • FPF members from both Noosa Council and Sunshine Coast Council areas