AGM Update

Our inaugural AGM was held on 4 November 2019 at Verrierdale Hall.

Your new FPF committee was elected by unanimous vote of those present:

President – Cheryl Sykes

Secretary – Vivien Griffin

Treasurer – Andre Van Zyl

Ordinary Committee Members – Lynne Saunders, Jim Wensley,

Myth Buster #2

Co-ordinator General’s Review

Last month, FPF met with the Queensland Coordinator General (QCG), Toni Power, to advise her office of the non-disclosure of information regarding aviation safety risk in the EIS.

QCG was provided with a 25 page submission, which included references

Myth Buster #1

There have been reports out there that CASA have approved the flight paths to the new runway.


CASA have advised us that they don’t approve flight paths, they approve changes to ‘airspace’ classification.

They may sound like the same thing

Media Release 04.10.19




Community group Flight Path Forum (FPF) has unearthed a major public and aviation safety hazard linked to the proposed Sunshine Coast Airport

Community Engagement

We have been keeping the ANO up to date on our progress and engagement with ASA, DoEE and CASA as the Multiple Complaints Review continues. ANO has asked FPF to contribute to

CASA Update

Thank you to CASA for this update and clarification today.

Sunshine Coast Airspace
The Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR) in the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is currently reviewing an airspace change proposal submitted

It’s not over yet!

FPF lodged a major submission ahead of the 9 September deadline for public comment on the airspace design and flight path proposals. We’ve followed up with CASA and it sounds like they

We’re still seeking answers


FPF lodged a submission with the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy on 22 August, questioning many aspects of the environmental approval process. DoEE has asked FPF to forward further information in

Welcome Cheryl Sykes

Hello FPF members, I’m Cheryl Sykes and I was elected as the President of Flight Path Forum on 22nd September.


I’m very proud to be working with the dedicated FPF team and can assure you that we’ll be fighting hard to

Thank You Maria

Thanks Maria!

As you all know, Maria Suarez has held the position of President since the inception of FPF and has done an amazing job for the community.


Maria decided to step down from this role on 8th September and has asked