Residents sign CASA submissions and a State petition on September 1

It was fantastic to see so many people from so many suburbs turn up to the CASA submission and State petition session on Sunday the 1st September!  Thanks to these residents, over 300 individual submissions will be posted to Office of Airspace Regulation within CASA regarding the Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) that has been submitted by Airservices.  FPF and a number of community associations will also make comprehensive submissions to CASA.  By bringing information to CASA’s attention where Airservices haven’t provided adequate assessments to ensure safety, it is hoped the ACP won’t be approved.

FPF will present the State Government petition to request the State Member for Noosa, Sandy Bolton MP to sponsor the petition as an e-petition.  This means the petition would be lodged on the Queensland Government website and presented to Parliament once the petition is closed.  FPF will advise when the petition is available online and in the meantime paper copy signatures will continue to be collected.  From just a few hours on Sunday alone, 323 signatures were collected.
FPF were very appreciative of the many supportive comments and would like to reiterate that while FPF committee members and individual community associations have done a lot of work, it is the support of the wider community that is instrumental in achieving action from relevant stakeholders.  Thank you to every single person that has supported this issue with their individual actions.  It all counts.