The Qld Coordinator General will step down from his position this week and the reasons why are not clearly stated.

FPF have had much correspondence with his office and the Department for Environment. Here’s the catch up:

  • Over the past few months FPF have been working with Sandy Bolton MP and independently to secure a meeting with the Coordinator General’s Office.
  • 12 Aug: Minister Cameron Dick provided a letter to the member for Noosa, which included a timeline of events for the EIS, submission numbers, and an attachment for the environmental considerations and attached information for EPBC Referral 5823. All of this information was readily available.
  • 15 Aug: FPF again requested a meeting to clarify the scope and expiry date of the EIS, proponent responsibilities and EPBC referral 6104 and a meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 21st August.
  • 19 Aug: A hefty document highlighting the inconsistencies for air space and flight path assessments of the social, noise and environmental impacts was sent to the Department of Environment and Energy
  • 20 Aug: The Coordinator General’s office cancelled the meeting the afternoon prior to it’s scheduled date.
  • 22 Aug: The public statement announcing the Coordinator General is stepping down from his position this week.  Click here to read the statement.

It’s speculation as to why Barry Broe is stepping down. However, it’s interesting that those key people who have made crucial decisions in relation to the Airport have left and it’s now up to others to do the explaining.

Thank you to Sandy Bolton MP for following this up on behalf of FPF.  FPF still have unanswered questions that need responses from the Office of The Coordinator General and shall persist with getting the answers.