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10 July 2020: What You Can Do To Help

11 Jun 2020: Four Things You Can Do To Help

01 Apr 2020: New Website, CASA Test Flights, Senate Estimates, Strategic Plan, ANO Report Status,Membership Updates, Thank you 

23 Dec 2019: Inforgraphic 'Failure of Assessment Processes & System

17 Oct 2019: The Real Story

15 Oct 2019: It's not over yet!

14 Oct 2019: Media Release

4 Oct 2019: Media Alert - Community group uncovers aviation safety hazard concealed by Sunshine Coast Council

2 Oct 2019: Comprehensive submissions to Aircraft Noise Ombudsman, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Airservices, the Office of Coordinator General, and Department of Environment & Energy

17 Jul 2019: Consideration of Feedback Report Released

14 Jul 2019: Technical Briefing From Airservices

7 Jul 2019: Flight Path Forum attended the Stakeholder Round Table meeting

4 Jul 2019: Flight Path Forum attended a meeting with Airservices and various stakeholders re: Summary of Feedback Parts One and Two, and Consideration of Feedback Report

23 Jun 2019: Public Meeting held on 22 June at the J Noosa theatre

29 May 2019: Flight Path Forum released a Flyer calling to action.

24 May 2019: Flight Path Forum is incorporated! Collaborative community groups are formed.

9 May 2019: The Fight is Far From Over

1 May 2019: Airsevices community consultation closed on 30/4/19. Lodging complaint to Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO)

29 Apr 2019: Airservices Feedback Submission

23 Apr 2019: Positive Meeting with Llew O'Brien, Federal MP for Wide Bay

19 Apr 2019: Noosa Council have listened but Sunshine Coast Council yet to respond

17 Apr 2019: Submission Guidelines - Noise Impacts and Online Petition

12 Apr 2019: Information Session at Verrierdale Hall 11/4/19. Feedback submissions to Airservices and Sunshine Coast Council

6 Apr 2019: Flight Path Forum Call to Action. Flyers delivered to Affected Residents