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The next Community and Aviation Forum meeting is scheduled for 28 April 2020.

FPF will be in attendance. Agenda to be advised. Keep up to date on agenda items and the outcomes of these meetings.

If you have an issue for consideration by the forum please forward to FPF for submission to the Forum Chair in advance.

4 Dec 2019:

Discussion about flight paths was not on the agenda, however we understand that noise issues can be included in the agenda.

We have put together some informal notes from the meeting to give you an idea of the topics discussed.

We will have the opportunity to submit agenda items in future.

Ambient and baseline noise monitoring and the issue of a curfew have already been proposed for the next agenda by Friends of Marcus Beach and Friends of Lake Weyba.

The meeting ran for two hours and there were over 30 people in attendance.

The Chair of the meeting was Ron Brent - the previous Aircraft Noise Ombudsman. We are waiting to receive the official meeting minutes.

2019-12-04 CO402 FPF - Community and Aviation Forum Notes for Community Groups
2019-12-04-SCA-CAF - Minutes of the SCA Community & Aviation Forum