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AIRCRAFT NOISE OMBUDSMAN - What are we waiting for?

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) has delivered to the board of Airservices Australia, the completed Multiple Complaints Review report for Sunshine Coast Airport.

The ANO has subsequently provided Flight Path Forum with the following information:

The ANO Charter provides the following:

53. The ANO’s reports and recommendations in relation to complaints concerning Airservices will be provided to the Board Secretary.

54. The Board must consider and respond to a report or recommendation from the ANO at its next or subsequent meeting.

55. Once the Board has responded, the ANO’s reports or recommendations and Airservices’ response will be made public by the ANO. In the event the Board does not agree with an ANO report or recommendation, a joint press release, approved by the Chair and the ANO, will be issued outlining the basis of the ANO’s position and the Board’s response.

The report will not be released to the public until the board have considered and responded to it.

BREAKING NEWS – Airservices Australia advised on Thursday 25th June, that their board had finally met to consider the ANO’s report. Their response to the ANO‘s report can be “expected” within the next week or two when it will be released to the public.